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Reviews « Magnus Vigilius | Tenor


A few quotes from the reviews I have had in the Danish press through the years

Madama Butterfly, 2016

As the American naval officer Pinkerton, who enriches and later destroys Butterfly’s life, Magnus Vigilius delivered a very convincing performance. From the deeply unsympathetic, through the infatuated, to the despicable cowardly; in all of this development of Pinkertons character, Magnus Vigilius showed himself both as a magnificent tenor and a fine character actor. It was both gruesome and good to experience.

  • Aarhus Stiftstidende 6. February 2016

Magnus Vigilius was, with his beautifully ringing and baritone-voluminous tenor-voice, the sovereign cast for the careless, arrogant Pinkerton.

  • Ascolta Opera Magazine, 8. February 2016

Magnus Vigilius, known and loved on Funen from The Funen Opera, and who in 2014 caused a stir winning the second prize in The Lauritz Melchior International Singing Competition, has an erect, slender, and magnificent tenor-voice; he hurls out Pinkertons highnotes with a security and beauty, that I cannot recall having heard from any other Danish tenor before him.

  • Ars Artis, 20. February 2016

The tenderness, that tenor Magnus Vigilius radiates in his voice and movements, is deeply touching.

  • Fyens Stiftstidende, 18. February 2016

The bright sounding tenor Magnus Vigilius is ice cold, and yet in the right moments glowing as Pinkerton.

  • Weekendavisen, 26. February 2016

The tenor Magnus Vigilius got his second leading role for The Danish National Opera, after his success as Steva in “Jenůfa”, and it was a joy to listen to his Pinkerton, who sounded beautifully Italian in the love duet in 1. Act. Furthermore he musically created a character of the American naval officer, you as an audience member listened intensely to.

  • JCklassisk, 6. February 2016

The opera’s counterpart to Madama Butterfly, Mr. Pinkerton, was sung by Magnus Vigilius. His brilliant warm tenor timbre harmonised perfectly with Dreisigs soprano voice in the long, beautiful love duet in the end of act 1.
How ever unsympathetic the role of Pinkerton is, it never materialised itself in Magnus Vigilius’ singing only in his dramatic performance. Vocally he matched Elsebeth Dreisig perfectly, and they suited each other incredibly beautifullly.

  • Nordjyske Stiftstidende, 23. March 2016

Antichrist, September 2015

Magnus Vigilius was glowing with an evil face as “The Mouth Speaking Great Things” and “The Scarlet-Coloured Beast”, and his tenor voice had a dramatic punch and superiority that suited Langgaards fearful doomsday visions perfectly.

–      Per Rask Madsen, Information

This “Antichrist” profited from having an excellent team of singers, lead by the soprano Signe Asmussen as the hefty, scarlet whore and Magnus Vigilius matching her both in colors and with his magnificent voice.

–      Peter Dürrfeld, Kristeligt Dagblad


Jenufa, August 2015

 It’s good that Magnus Vigilius, so early in his career in the heavier dramatic repertoire, has taken on the challenging role of Steva, which he unwaveringly performed so right and even touching as Steva. Both dramatically and vocally. He even sang so technically intelligent that we can expect a very interesting career in a “fach”, that is not crowded.

–      John Christiansen, jcKlassisk

 The Danish tenor Magnus Vigilius, as the cowardly drunken Steva, is the right man for the role. A promising development in the dramatic direction.

–      Thomas Michelsen, Politiken

 Magnus Vigilius is vocally and dramaticly an excellent Steva, his tenor has developed to international dimensions.

–      Sarah Louise Pedersen, Fyens Stiftstidende

 Magnus Vigilius’ voice is very agile in the portrayal of the charming bastard. That character he portrays very convincingly. His further career will be interesting to follow.

–      Ole Straarup, Aarhus Stiftstidende

 Magnus Vigilius fits the role well as the slapdash playboy, both in his appearance and vocally.

–      Rachel Einarsson, Jyllands Posten


Fyens Stiftstidende

Magnus Vigilius a Houdini you believe in, with body og glorious tembre.

Magnus Vigilius is dazzling as the madness-run Roderick Usher, especially in the final scene where his madness almost physically transmits itself to the audience.

He (Don Jose) is sung by Magnus Vigilius with great authority and a strong voice, it is a pleasure to follow his development.
Magnus Vigilius is gifted with a huge theatrical charisma, and in the final scene, the murder of the shedevil, Carmen, he gives everything he has in him. Gruesomely realistic choking.


Hoffmann, sung by tenor Magnus Vigilius who vocally masters the role – and at the same time having the energy to spice it up with both drama and humor
Pinkerton is lyrically and beautifully sung by Magnus Vigilius

Magnus Vigilius as Magaldi has plenty of vocal profits. It is great to hear the beautiful but difficult stanzas redeemed so gracefully.

Magnus Vigilius  sings the dramatic tenorrole as Leonardo beautifully.

Magnus Vigilius is a very steady og gloriously singing Houdini

Fyens Amts Avis

Magnus Vigilius has a very large voice with splendour and great variety in the expression.

Frederiksborg Amts Avis

Magnus Vigilius demonstrates his huge talent, which is about to give him the attention it deserves. He as well, has great expressions and a beautifully controlled voice.
(From the House of the Dead)

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  • Ingelise Moos


    Tillykke med semifinalen. Godt gået ingelise Moos



    Hej Magnus Hørte dig i går til Wagner Galla - hvilken OVERRASKELSE!!! Herligt herligt, har vi mon en ny Stig Fogh Andersen/Lauritz Melchior??? Det ville da glæde mig, vi har ikke mange af din slags og den slags her til lands!! HELD OG LYKKE!! Bedste hilsener Kurt Christensen

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